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We are the largest and leading company of Tents for Sale in Nigeria. We manufacture and supply frame tent, Alpine tent, Peg and pole tent, Stretch tent, Pagoda tent, Canvas tent, Army and military tent, Storage tent. We also make Mobile chiller, Portable toilets, VIP Portable toilets, Mobile kitchen. One Stop Solution for your event needs. Our Product are specially designed for Parties, Wedding, Events, exhibition, Trade Show & Church Function.

Our extensive range of large tent structures are available in a variety of clear span widths. We value our customers and we pride ourselves on being the very best by providing top of the line service. We want to be that company you can trust when it comes to your event. Our Product are qualities are Quick assembly, Modular construction, Reusability, Cost benefits and Fire safety

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About Our Mission

The modular design of our Frame Tents enables the tents to be increased or decreased infinitely in bay distances of 5m. As with all Tents structures, the use of only high quality, high grade aluminium, galvanized steel and heavy duty PVC is used in the manufacture of our Tents and Marquees to withstand all major weather conditions.

We trying to provide a large range of tents with a best quality products in Nigeria.

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Our Objectives

Tents Nigeria provides unlimited solutions for all types of large scale temporary structure applications in the utmost style and design. Our extensive range of large tent structures are available in a variety of clear span widths ranging from 5m 50m wide. Large event marquee structures are supplied in numerous shapes, design and sizes and can be custom designed to your specifications.

Tents Nigeria is the market leaders in design, manufacture and supply of Marquees and Tents in Africa.

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Tents We Manufacturer

Tents Nigeria are Manufacturers of Tents, Marquees and Tent Accessories for over two decade holding a good rapport with clients and after sales services in Africa as well as worldwide.

Frame Tents for sale Nigeria

Frame Tents for Sale. Frame Tents can be erected on almost any surface and adjacent to buildings or other tents. It can be used for functions, events, parties and weddings.

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Aluminium Tents for Sale. Aluminium Tents can be used for events such as partys, weddings, sports and many more. With no pole in the centre our aluminium tent create huge space.

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Aluminium Tents for Sale Nigeria

Alpine Tents for Sale. Alpine tents are available in vast range of materials and fabrics for customers. These tents are usually associated with large amounts of people.

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Stretch Tents for Sale. Stretch tents are the most trendiest tents at the moment Very beautiful Stretch tents for Functions, events, partys & weddings.

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Pagoda Tents for Sale. Pagoda tents are made of high grade , quality PVC tent is waterproof, water repellent as well as fire retardant & suitable for all Weathers.

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Peg and Pole Tents for sale. Top manufacturers of Peg and Pole Tents in Nigeria We supply tents for functions & events.

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Canvas Tents for sale. Top Manufacturers of canvas Tents in Nigeria. We supply Canvas tents for emergency shelter purpose.

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Storage Warehouse Tents for Sale. Storage tents are free standing tents with no center poles or guy ropes which make it ideal for storage, warehouse or for major events.

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Tents Features

• Tents for Sale • 100% Water Proof Tents • Super Flexible Tents • Highly Durable Tents • Quick & Easy to Assemble Tents • Variety of Colours Tents • World Wide Tents • Best Quality Tents • Cost Efficient Tents.

Our Tents comes with a rainfly awning that provides protection from the rain and shade on those beautiful sunny days. Tent by us can be shaped and installed anywhere. Our Tents are the most versatile Tents on the market.

We provide tents that are available in an endless variety of shapes and colors. They’re 100% waterproof, wind resistant, and fire retardant. Custom colors and sizes available upon request.

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We Manufacture & Supply Tables & Chairs

We are the creators in the Tent & Chairs industry also worlds leading Tents for Sale. We Manufacture and supply Chairs & Tables, chairs Start from Tiffany chairs ( available in Clear, White, black Silver, Gold ), Party Chair, Wimbledon chair, Phoenix Chair, Bridal chair & Regular Plastic chair. Tables start with Plastic Folding table, Round folding table, Steel Folding table. Tents is the renowned name for Tents for Sale and deliver Tents to your door in Nigeria & World Wide.

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Tiffany Chairs for Sale Nigeria. We are Manufacturers & Supplier of Tiffany Chairs in Nigeria. Buy Tiffany Chairs for Wedding, Party & Function @ Factory Price.

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Phoenix Chairs for Sale

Phoenix Chairs for Sale Nigeria. We are Manufacturers & Supplier of Phoenix Chairs in Nigeria. Buy Phoenix Chairs for Wedding, Party & Function @ Factory Price.

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Plastic Chairs for Sale Nigeria. We are Manufacturers & Supplier of Plastic Chairs in Nigeria. Buy Plastic Chairs for Wedding, Party & Function @ Factory Price

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