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Disaster Tents for Sale

Disaster Tents for Sale, Tents Nigeria has provided disaster tents worldwide for over 25 years. Our disaster tents are durable, portable and affordable. Ranging in different sizes as per the requirement, our disaster tents are perfect for sheltering disaster victims and relief workers. They also provide excellent shelter for field hospitals, clinics and gathering spaces for communities.

Tents Nigeria is an international disaster relief tent manufacturers that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide. At the heart of every Tents Nigeria is a family tent, custom made by our engineer and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy rainfall. Internally, each tent has movable privacy partitions that allow recipients to divide the space as needed.

Relief Tents for Sale Nigeria

Relief Tents for Sale Nigeria, Relief Tent offered are precision constructed using quality materials that make these completely weather proof as well as also easy to install as well as maintain. Further, our expertise lies in making these tents available in different finish designs including in sturdy frame finish that make these last longer that other tenting solutions available in the market. Furthermore, these emergency relief tents are easiest way for creating accommodation for relief sites including at times of carrying out relief work during natural calamities. We can offer these in different floor heights and floor area options as demanded by the customers. The tenting solutions offered under this category includes Dome Tent, Display Tent, Emergency tent, Family Tent, Mountain Tent, Outdoor Tents, Children Tent, Camping tent, Pavilion Tent and Portable Tent. Other than this, we also offer Promotional Tent, Refuge Tents, Relief Tents, Ridge Tents, Waterproof Tent, Plastic Tent and Polyethylene Tent.