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Mobile Chillers for Sale Nigeria

Mobile Chillers for Sale Nigeria, The term mobile chiller can actually be used to refer to a fridge or freezer trailer and a mobile (or portable) cold room. A lack of permanent freezer capability is no reason for your next event to be limited. Not when Mobile Chiller is available from Tents Nigeria. We specialise in portable refrigeration and freezer units mounted on sturdy trailer frames that give you the cooling capacity you are looking for where you want it, when you want it.

For your planned event, we offer Mobile Chiller that are ideal for everything from a large wedding to an outdoor corporate event. Moreover, if you own a catering company, taking advantage of our freezer trailer makes it easy for you to accept those extra-large events you might otherwise not have the capacity to handle.

Our portable freezer units are rugged, dependable, and easy to use. We offer mobile chiller with adjustable shelving, full lighting, and more than enough room to stand up. As for power, we provide all the necessary leads and cabling to plug into an existing electrical system within the trailer site. Generators can also power all of our trailers if direct electrical access is not available.

Mobile Freezers for Sale

Mobile Freezers for Sale, There are times when there is a need for portable refrigeration that is affordable and available quickly; times when Mobile Freezer is the best solution for your refrigeration needs. We sell such units ranging in size for both private and commercial use. Tent Nigeria offers you immediate refrigeration with delivery upto your location. We always respond quickly to emergencies so that our customers have the portable freezer they need.