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Military Tents for Sale Nigeria

Military Tents for Sale Nigeria, Welcome to the Tents Nigeria military tent collection! Tents Nigeria military surplus offers one of the most diverse, complete, and impressive selections of army tents. Tents Nigeria has been supplying a large selection of military tents for almost 25 years now. Since 1994 we have continued to maintain our position as one of the leading suppliers of military tents for sale and army tents for sale within this industry, due to the best quality of military tents that we provide. Customers can trust our variety of military temporary shelters. To secure our tents in the most severe weather conditions. All of our tents are supplied with enough tent pegs to secure the tents in normal summer weather conditions. If the tent you wish to purchase is to be used in a season or environment where high winds or severe weather is possible please talk to us about additional tent pegs and storm straps etc.

Army Tents for Sale

Army Tents for Sale, If youre a civilian, here you can find anything from our large selection of military tents or temporary shelters and more! Tents Nigeria is known for our quality selection of army temporary shelters which come in vinyl and canvas materials, and our frame shelters are easily adaptable for general purposes such as camping, outdoor adventures or hunting trips that can accustom large families. Planning a trip to somewhere with extreme weather conditions- even somewhere as desolate as the Antarctic? Tents Nigeria has got you covered! Our Special made temporary shelter accommodates up to nine companions for an eventful and memorable camping vacation.